Member code of ethics

In interactions with other members and health professionals, we ask that all members abide by our code of ethics.

Our code of ethics is a simple expression of the underlying principles of conduct for members of the CMAA as they support and interact with fellow members and health professionals with whom they have contact, in striving to achieve the aims of the Association.

Code of Ethics

We, the members of CMAA, in recognising our responsibilities and obligations to maintain honourable, fair and friendly relations among people, do pledge ourselves to:

keep confidential any information or knowledge provided by affected individuals or members of their family or information/knowledge gained in our role of supporting or working with other members of the Association,

ensure that all relevant dealings with families and health professionals are undertaken professionally and with mutual respect,

encourage harmonious relations with health professionals,

ensure that there is equitable access to information and support by all members of the Association, and

adhere faithfully to the rules of conduct herein set forth.

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