Belinda's story

is a Cardiology Nurse Specialist with extensive experience in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, where she is currently engaged in cardiac clinics at Ascot Cardiology.

Linda has completed Post Graduate study at Greenlane Hospital, Auckland and Imperial College ,London , as she was based there as a Senior Sister at the Royal Brompton Hospital. At the Royal Brompton, she developed a passion for working with patients with chronic cardiac conditions and this has been highlighted throughout her career.

. She has more than two decades of experience with all cardiac devices (LVAD,BIVAD, CRT-d, ICD and Pacemaker ) and her international experience includes roles as Pacemaker Nurse Liaison and Shift Leader at Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney. 

Having worked as a Clinical Nurse Lead at the Heart Foundation of New Zealand, Linda understands the importance of patients having access to information and support, and has experience with developing Heart Foundation resources, campaigns and protocols. She is passionate about patients receiving access to appropriate care and treatment and  the benefits of patients and their whanau being supported through their diagnosis journey.

Postal address: PO Box 2006, Surrey Hills,
Victoria 3127, Australia

36 091 171 470