Donating to CMAA

The Cardiomyopathy Association of Australia relies on donations to enable us to undertake our work in support, education and advocacy.

CMAA is a registered charity, and donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

All donations are gratefully received. Thank you.

To donate securely via Credit Card / PayPal (preferred method)

Complete the below form and click Donate to be re-directed to PayPal to complete your donation. You will receive a receipt immediately. You don't need to have a PayPal account; you can use your credit card and check out as a guest.

To donate by cheque

Post the cheque to: Cardiomyopathy Assoc. of Australia, PO Box 2006, Surrey Hills VIC 3127. Please include your e-mail or address for a receipt.

Facebook Birthday Fundraising

Running a birthday fundraiser on Facebook is an easy way to support us. Facebook will automatically prompt you a few days before your birthday, asking if you'd like to set up a Fundraiser. There are 3 simple steps

1 Type in the search bar to find Cardiomyopathy Association of Australia and tap the name

2 Under 'Let's start with the basics' enter:

  • The name of the charity you're raising money for - Cardiomyopathy Association of Australia
  • A cover photo
  • A title for your fundraiser
  • A description for your fundraiser. We suggest something brief such as "For my birthday this year, I'd be grateful for donations to the Cardiomyopathy Association of Australia, a charity which is close to my heart. CMAA offers information, support, and advocacy for those impacted by cardiomyopathy. Thanks for considering!"
  • The goal amount that you want to raise
  • The currency that you want donations to be in.

3 At the top right, tap Create. A message will pop up that congratulates you on creating your fundraiser. From there, you can invite your friends to donate, share you fundraiser in your Feed, or donate to the fundraiser yourself.



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Postal address: PO Box 2006, Surrey Hills,
Victoria 3127, Australia

36 091 171 470