CMAA National Executives

President - Alistair Kerr OAM

Alistair succeeded Judge Chester Keon-Cohen as President in 2000 and thanks the National Executive and CMAA members for their continuing vote of confidence in his leadership. Alistair previously served on the Committee of Management of the Chronic Illness Alliance, Victorian Department of Health Clinical Cardiac Network committees and Medicare local reference groups.

Secretary - Dr Janet George

With a doctorate in social policy, Janet is a former researcher and teacher at the University of Sydney with continuing interests in health and ageing policies and research ethics. In retirement, she was for three years a member of NSW Ministerial Advisory Committee on Ageing which aims to promote the well-being of older people especially where disadvantaged by language, culture and location. A member of her family suffered from cardiomyopathy. Janet is also National Contact Co-ordinator.


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