Leigh's story

Leigh developed symptoms of Hypertrophic Obstructive Cardiomyopathy as a young child, and was formally diagnosed aged 9. She had a myectomy (open heart surgery) aged 17 in 1991, a pacemaker inserted in 1994 and an ICD implanted in 2000 (and renewed due to battery life in 2005, 2010, and 2015). In 2020 she had a Pulmonary Vein Isolation ablation for Atrial Fibrillation, and multiple cardiofversions. She received a heart transplant in 2021.

Leigh's mother Robyn was the founder of the CMAA; with both Leigh and her father Ray seriously impacted by HCM, and it presenting through their extended family, Robyn sought to improved support and information sharing for cardiomyopathy patients.

Leigh says:

"My life with HCM has been one of ongoing day-to-day symptom management interspersed with regular serious interventions. While it hasn't been easy, HCM hasn't stopped me from living a happy, busy, productive life. I've graduated from university, had a fulfilling and busy career, travelled extensively with my husband, and contributed to my community through long-term volunteering. I'm grateful to the scientists and drs who continue to work towards better treatments for those with cardiomyopathy. Over the years it's been so important and helpful for me to be able to talk with others walking the cardiomyopathy path, and I'm happy to connect with anyone looking for information or support".

Leigh is our current CMAA President and you can contact her via info@cmaa.org.au

Postal address: PO Box 2006, Surrey Hills,
Victoria 3127, Australia

36 091 171 470