How We Can Help

It can be challenging if you, or someone you care for, has Cardiomyopathy.  Information about Cardiomyopathy is not so readily available and the opportunity to speak to others with similar experiences is rare. CMAA aims to provide people interested in Cardiomyopathy with support and information.

After joining CMAA, we support members with the following benefits:

  • A support network of other people with Cardiomyopathy and their families and friends
  • An information pack which includes an information booklet on the specific types of cardiomyopathy, fact sheets, past newsletters, a member phone link service, and other relevant information
  • A contact person in Australian states and territories and New Zealand who can provide initial information
  • A phone link service with phone numbers of consenting members who you can contact to share experiences and provide support
  • A Facebook closed group for sharing experiences and seeking information
  • Periodic social and information meetings are held in Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia, often with guest speakers in attendance
  • CD's or DVD's of guest speaker presentations are available for loan on request
  • Newsletters are sent on a regular basis and contain latest information, members contributions and committee reports. An abridged version of the Cardiomyopathy UK newsletter is also included in the newsletters.

If you would like to talk to a qualified Health Professional about cardiomyopathy or general heart health, please call the Heart Foundation Help Line on 13 11 12 during business hours.

Postal address: PO Box 2006, Surrey Hills,
Victoria 3127, Australia

36 091 171 470