National Executive Committee for 2016-17





Alistair Kerr 

Alistair succeeded Judge Chester Keon-Cohen as President in 2000 and thanks the National Executive and CMAA members for their continuing vote of confidence in his leadership. Alistair recently served on the Committee of Management of the Chronic Illness Alliance, Victorian Department of Health Clinical Cardiac Network committees and Medicare local reference groups.


Vice President / Treasurer
Hylton Mackley 

Since being diagnosed in 2001 with  HCM Hylton says in subsequent years his quality of life has been good. He has continued to carry out his extensive business responsibilities and has a positive outlook. He says after his diagnosis he removed alcohol from his diet but still doesn't enjoy walking up hills.

Dr Janet George

With a doctorate in social policy, Janet is a former researcher and teacher at the University of Sydney with continuing interests in health and ageing policies and research ethics. In retirement, she was for three years a member of NSW Ministerial Advisory Committee on Ageing which aims to promote the well-being of older people especially where disadvantaged by language, culture and location. A member of her family suffered from cardiomyopathy. Janet is also National Contact Co-ordinator.


Margot Maurice

Formerly a newspaper journalist in NSW, Queensland and Western Australia, Margot was editor and editorial manager for a NSW newspaper group in the 70s. Margot was also a professional musician, teacher and music therapist/community educator.

Diagnosed with DCM in 1984, she  has been a member of the CMAA Executive Committee since 2004 and has produced and edited the CMAA Newsletter since 2006 with partner John Gallagher as co-editor. Both Margot and John are published authors and recently became interested in having their books published as Ebooks.


Miranda Hill 

Miranda was diagnosed with DCM in 2004 at the age of 21. Her father and grandmother passed away from symptoms relating to CM at 31 and 29.

She works in retail management despite having DCM and has kept her employment fulltime. She married Chris in 2009 and they are both volunteers in an "Aunties and Uncles Program" where they mentor children at risk.

Miranda has a 17 year old step-son James. She became a member of CMAA in 2010 and enjoys being a key member of CMAA, communicating with its younger members and writing a report for the newsletter. Miranda wishes to further her role on the Executive Committee and to become an integral part of the team.

Bronwyn Batson


Bronwyn has been a member of the Association since the late 1990's when she was diagnosed with DCM. As Dilated Cardiomyopathy has been present in several members of her family, they were referred to the genetics clinic for further investigation. This visit set her on the pathway to researching her family history which has since taken her across the globe, reconnecting with family and networking with many other researchers. She has been an active member of the Genealogy and Heraldry Society and the Scandinavian Assoc. Bronwyn is an active fundraiser for the CMAA. She is passionate about supporting others with CM. She advocates becoming pro-active in making healthy choices and learning to focus on what is achievable while living with this chronic illness.

Kerry Shaddick


Kerry has been the State Contact for South Australia since 2011. Kerry then joined the National Executive Committee in 2014 where she has the role of Publicity and Fundraising.
Kerry was diagnosed with DCM in 2007 She lost her father and grandfather to this condition.
Kerry and her husband Bill have two Married daughters.  She is excited at the prospect of becoming a Grandmother, hopefully in the near future.




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